Have You Ever Made Love To Yourself?

Love yourself

Why do we keep seeking love for ourselves in someone else all the time, can’t we be happy by embracing ourselves? Expecting from someone else that he will always love you as much as you expect from him? Isn’t it just wishful positive thought?
We often expect from spouse, friends, family, parents, siblings to love us and take care of us? But, never think about maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself.

In today’s world, where life becomes so fragile. The cases of suicides are reaching heartbreaking points. But is it not possible to just accept ourselves and the situations first? No, I do not want to say that people do not love you. Of course, they do, but to expect from them that these people will “always” be with you when needed, is stupid in my view. Maybe sometimes but not “ALWAYS” or “FOREVER.” Hitting Hard? But It is true.

We are human and it is our nature to live in a group, but many times we ignore ourselves too much in the hope of getting love from someone else, which is totally wrong.

I am not saying this abruptly but of my own experience. Often there are such situations in life when you are simply desperate, despite people around you, you feel lonely. You want someone to hold your hand and understand everything you say, but believe me, it is not possible.

If you think, your spouse understands everything about you, knows everything in your mind, what you feel, how should you feel, and will always do all this to praise you, you make a big mistake. And in some time you will find how wrong you were.

So instead of expecting love and care from someone else, be self-sufficient. As Modiji says, We Indians need to build a self-reliant India, in the same way, be self-sufficient to keep ourselves happy.

It’s strange to listen, how can anyone have a relationship with himself? But, Often we forget inside this body a soul resides. We forget about it by running the materialistic world.

So, let me tell you a few points here so that you can keep yourself happy without someone’s help.


Yeah! I know you heard it plenty of times but it works. I have gone through such a hard time when no one around me. This is a time to be totally present with yourself and think and analyse about your right and wrong doing. As you sit in stillness, taking long deep breaths become aware of your thinking. Your thoughts are things and what you think you become. Let yourself fully be embraced by the stillness — allow it to guide you into a higher experience of yourself.

Forgive Yourself

We often keep feeling guilty about the things we cannot reverse. Hey dear! Just forgive yourself let it go. Trust me something is meant to have happened in some particular ways. So it was not your fault. The moment you forgive yourself you can feel the oomph within you, the feeling of happiness, relaxation. All the stress drained out of your body.

Pamper Yourself

You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to make you feel happy all time. No one can make you feel pampered than you. OK! I accept sometimes it feels good but not always. Whenever I feel bored, I listen to some music, walk on the beach, go to the market by walk, and go to a nearby coffee shop alone. Do you know listening to music enriches your daily life? It feels so good to be with you, just find things you like to do most.

Design your life

Ok!! Stop being just a tourist in your life. Take control, focus on what you would like to manifest and use the power of attraction to bring it to life. Focus on career, manage your finances, adopt healthy lifestyle, drink lots of water, listen tedxtalks and much more. Just keep working on designing your life you want. Be the best version of you.

Be easy

This means be easy-going, don’t take everything so seriously. Stop playing the victim of your life and ease up on yourself! Don’t look so deeply into everything, let it be. Bless what happened and affirm that you will only allow it to grow and expand you.

Know your thinking

Take a control on your thinking. Well this is one of the most tricky part and the crucial one too. If you know what you are thinking and if you able to control on your thoughts that you are a winner. Yes!! because it is root of problems as well as success. Try to read self help books, learn new skills, work on your communication skills, learn new language and whatever you can do to improve yourself. By doing all this ultimately you are loving yourself. It is a thoughts which gave you a feeling of being loved, ignored, hatred and so on. These above engagements will help you to develop positive thoughts and analyse whatever you are overthinking is worthy or not.


Today, being loved by others is quiet hard because this the world of social media in which everyone shows their best version. But somewhere they are not happy by watching others seems better from him. So, It’s okay to be not so perfect, its okay to not be pampered by your loved ones everytime. There is a time zone in life where you really need your own love and support to yourself. Therefore, building your self esteem, self confidence and spend some quality time with yourself is actually loving yourself.



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